25 Concepts or Ideas I Find Compelling

These can be habits, concepts, ideas… they can be local, universal, personal. These concepts will continue to run in themes throughout my artwork because they are in my brain and part of my experience.

  1. Motherhood: birth, sacrifice, instincts, caring, teaching, patience
  2. Modern parenting: schools, homework, other parents, methods of discipline, rules, expectations
  3. Women in the workforce: expectations, flexibility, the missing years on the resume, 80 cents to the dollar, family leave, divorce
  4. Work-life balance: constant rebalancing, day care, flexible schedules, partners, village to raise a family
  5. Family: obligation, contribution, love, care
  6. The things of childhood: bikes, sippy cups, stuffed animals, balls, slides
  7. The drive to school and the drive home
  8. The internet of things, wearable tech, Proliferation of smart phones
  9. Water incubating life, life under water,
  10. Space and Sci Fi, dystopian future
  11. Internet neutrality and the democratization of the web
  12. Upcycling, reuse, repurpose, Small house
  13. Empire of Disney and animated films
  14. Cyclical nature of fashion and what is says about the times
  15. Steampunk, Victorian Industrial
  16. The first generation to not know life without the internet
  17. The evolution of travel: foot, bike, train, ship, airplane
  18. Rebirth, nirvana
  19. Cycles of thought, patterns in action
  20. Cover songs, folk music
  21. Robots and artificial intelligence
  22. Film, stories
  23. Playing devils advocate
  24. Humor, schadenfreude
  25. Puns! I love puns.

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