My Work

I understand how to find out what clients need and how to guide them to a solution. I ensure a successful project understanding what’s in place, what’s needed, and what can be accomplished under the project constraints.

I love to reinvigorate sad and cumbersome web experiences into sleek, simple, intuitive rides on the information highway. I research, organize, and focus a challenge into small tasks.

You can rely on me to do a quality job because I’ve done so many times for clients like:

AARP, Word Economic Forum, City of Rocklin, Land Home Financial Services, Sacramento Public Library, Fair Oaks Water District, ACErail, Town of Danville, Indian Wells Valley Water District, Contra Costa County, El Dorado Superior Court, City of Santa Monica, City of Stockton, City of Elk Grove, This is Why I’m Broke, Entertainment Weekly, Alaska Community Foundation, Techonomy, EMC, Intercity Transit, Sacramento Steps Forward, @Wit’s End, Requested, Beverly Hill Estate Planning Council, East Sac Shack, Pangaea Cafe, Sacramento Beer Week, and others…

View my profile on LinkedIn, take a peek at my resume or read one of the case studies below to learn more.

BHEPC: A Membership Site with eCommerce and Community Contributed Content

The Challenge I first built a website for the Beverly Hills Estate Planning Council way back in 2010. The site served them well as a place to highlight members and post meeting materials. This time around they wanted a site with more automation and a more impressive design. They needed a way to: keep track of […]