Speaking at WordCamp Sacramento

The organizers were kind enough to send some picts of me during my talk. I presented on Plugins for WordPress during the beginner track on Saturday. Want to learn more about the event and attend next year? See  https://2017.sacramento.wordcamp.org. Want to see slides from my talk? If you want to learn a bit more about WordPress, check out the monthly WordPress Meetup group. To learn even more about WordPress check out my class at Sacramento City College (Graphic Communication 361.

WordCamp Sacramento is Near!

I’m very proud and excited to be a part of the organizing team for the first WordCamp Sacramento. As the Entertainment Director, I researched and am coordinating venues for our speaker/sponsor dinner and the event after party. We selected Ten22 for the dinner; they have a private dining room and a tasty, seasonal fixed menu for a decent price. The after party will be held at the River City Saloon in Old Sacramento. Continue reading

Analysis of the WordPress Stream Plugin

What is Stream?

Stream is a plugin for WordPress that tracks logged-in user activity organized by context, action and IP address for easy filtering. Developers can extend Stream with custom connectors to log any kind of action.

For non-techie folks it’s a list of all the activity on a site. Not of the activities of people who view the site, but those who build and maintain it.

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How to install WordPress on your purchased hosting plan

I just helped a friend with this and thought I’d write a quick how-to because its super easy once you know what you’re looking for. First, some basics…


WordPress is software. Open source content management software that allows you to use any browser to write and publish content. Your content is stored in a database, in tables kinda like a spreadsheet. WordPress talks to the database every time anyone presses a button (to show a post, search, display a gallery). Continue reading

Moving a WordPress Site Content to a New Installation

About a year and a half ago I started fresh with a new personal/professional website.  I installed WP on a subfolder called dev on my server.  I worked on the site and got it to a good place to launch.  I called my web host to get some help with that as I usually do.  There were some issues… I’ve done this before with other web hosts and the easiest way I’ve done is to go into the WP settings?General and change the URL of the site to wherever you’re going to move it, then on the server, move those files.  Some of your image links will be broken but there is a find & replace type plugin to repair that. Continue reading

How To Upgrade WordPress on an Older Website

A client for whom I built a site years and years ago contacted me recently (as they do every 4 to 6 months) and asked for some help with a link to a PDF and some formatting issues. I had been helping them with these little things for a while now without charging them because they were few and far between and not a big deal.  But this time I realized that they are pretty out of date on their WordPress version and that perhaps I should get them on a yearly retainer so that I can get paid for my time. Continue reading