I’ve taught web design at Sacramento City College since 2006. I also now teach Digital Illustration. The district has implemented Canvas for online learning and it’s pretty good, so my content is over there. You’ll need to enrol for access.

I’m  open to creating and conducting other trainings and classes, get in touch if you have a need.

GCOM 361: Web Design

Welcome to GCOM 361 — Beginning Creative Web Design Heather Hogan, Adjunct Professor webdesignprof@gmail.com  Class Description Prerequisite: GCOM 360 with a grade of “C” or better Description: Students will explore a range of approaches to designing for the World Wide Web, while being introduced to an industry-standard Web authoring tool. Through a series of incremental assignments, students will explore […]

GCOM 340: Digital Illustration for Graphic Design

Spring 2016, Fridays 9am – 11:05am, Section 17073 Prerequisite: None, Course Transferable to CSU When illustrating digitally for print or Web media, one of the skills designers and illustrators need to have is the ability to draw with vector digital tools. This beginner’s course provides professional tips and techniques in Illustrator software, while introducing graphic design and Web […]