Heather Hogan: Creative Problem Solver

I help organizations communicate creatively, consistently, and on-brand both online & in print.

In the time that I worked for Heather Hogan, her attention to detail and the ease with which she communicated with top-tier clients were unmatched. Her aptitude in juggling complex problems and organization while keeping a team of engineers engaged was simply refreshing. It was a real pleasure working for Heather both in the team lead and strategist roles.

Heather had a real knack for fostering bonds within our little team, which allowed us to focus on doing our best work. The tight-knit atmosphere she built within the team went unmatched elsewhere in the company , even after she had moved on from 10up. I’d work for Heather anytime, anywhere.

Drew Jaynes, WordPress Core Developer

Thank you for sharing so much information about you and your business.  I felt you were very open and really want me to succeed.  I felt so disconnected before and not able to get my feet off the ground.  I feel so much better and that I will be able to do my passion in the near future!  2021 is going to be a great year!    I am happy I found your class!   Thanks again!

DDSN 361 Student, Fall 2020

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