Speaking at WordCamp Sacramento

The organizers were kind enough to send some picts of me during my talk. I presented on Plugins for WordPress during the beginner track on Saturday. Want to learn more about the event and attend next year? See  https://2017.sacramento.wordcamp.org. Want to see slides from my talk? If you want to learn a bit more about WordPress, check out the monthly WordPress Meetup group. To learn even more about WordPress check out my class at Sacramento City College (Graphic Communication 361.

Finding the Right Fonts

I love fonts almost as much as thrifting, which is a lot. But I do not love the paralyzing ache of searching through fonts and trying to make good pairings until your eyes cross and it looks like you’ve spelled your name wrong and are no longer sure if English is your first language. I like my thrift stores clean and restocked regularly and I like my fonts pre-paired.

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Recommended Themes and Plugins for Newbies

I’m teaching WordPress this semester to a group of emerging web professionals. They have a lot of questions about themes and plugins to start with. Here are some themes and plugins we have identified as “good” to try.




  • Add a Newsletter Signup via the blog subscription widget in Jetpack or copy and paste your HTML signup form from MailChimp into a Text widget or page.
  • Generate a Style Tile from an existing site with Stylify.me. What is a Style Tile you ask?
  • When selecting themes and plugins, check WordPress.com, if they use it you know its been peer reviewed by a developer for stability and security. Then check number of users and 4-5 star reviews – there is strength in numbers. Lastly, check how often the developer updates the plugin – you want the code to be compatible with other tools on your site.

What other themes, plugins and tips do you have to offer newbies?

WordCamp Sacramento is Near!

I’m very proud and excited to be a part of the organizing team for the first WordCamp Sacramento. As the Entertainment Director, I researched and am coordinating venues for our speaker/sponsor dinner and the event after party. We selected Ten22 for the dinner; they have a private dining room and a tasty, seasonal fixed menu for a decent price. The after party will be held at the River City Saloon in Old Sacramento. Continue reading

Brand & Logo for Let’s Play Chalet

After years of debating, shopping, discussion, and test runs at various vacation rentals my parents decided to purchase a vacation home; I am  overjoyed! I spent much of my childhood playing in the snow around “Aunt Lee’s Cabin” in Crestline (in the mountains above San Bernardino). It was a perfect easy getaway for our family when I was a kid, and I have many fond memories of the house and area. Continue reading

Join the WordPress Sacramento Slack Team


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What is Slack?

Slack is an online chat tool for teams. It replaces email in many ways, you can text, share files, add images, and you can have private rooms or public rooms for specific topics. The system stores all your conversations in one place that is searchable so a team member can easily catch up on the conversation. You can also have Slack alert you when your name or a keyword of interest is mentioned. It’s pretty cool and free for a limited version. Once you join one, you will likely join more.

Its a great place to get help with a tricky problem.