Finding the Right Fonts

I love fonts almost as much as thrifting, which is a lot. But I do not love the paralyzing ache of searching through fonts and trying to make good pairings until your eyes cross and it looks like you’ve spelled your name wrong and are no longer sure if English is your first language. I like my thrift stores clean and restocked regularly and I like my fonts pre-paired.

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Web Books I’ve Actually Read

If you have taken my class you have likely heard me say that I prefer to learn by doing not from books and I feel like tech books become outdated too quickly in this field . Well, I have read some good books on web design but they are on concepts that are more long-lasting. Since students have asked for recommendations, here goes: Continue reading

Brand & Logo for Let’s Play Chalet

After years of debating, shopping, discussion, and test runs at various vacation rentals my parents decided to purchase a vacation home; I am  overjoyed! I spent much of my childhood playing in the snow around “Aunt Lee’s Cabin” in Crestline (in the mountains above San Bernardino). It was a perfect easy getaway for our family when I was a kid, and I have many fond memories of the house and area. Continue reading