How to Find a Job

At the end of August of last year I left my job with 10up. This was the first time in a very long time I left a job without a plan (other than to spend more time with my kids). Turns out that was TOO much time with my kids. I also felt that, much to my horror, I may have finally burned out on web design. That also turned out not to be true, I still love technology and communication interaction (phew). Continue reading

Lessons Learned and (maybe) Remembered

Proactive Communication Saves Your Ass

I recently told a client I would deliver a document by “the end of this week/early next week”. Normally that’s a fine promise to make and easy to keep. Except this time the document I was delivering was being written by someone else.  I checked in on the progress every couple days, stressing that I had told the client to expect it.  In fact, I remember that little voice in my head being wary- and I did say something to the effect of “If I tell him we’ll have it, we better have it.” Continue reading

Fresh Designs, It’s Been Too Long

Hey, I actually took a break from proposals and internal projects and go to design something today!  We are working with other teams on this website to support a General Plan Update.  Lou did an awesome logo with bright, fun colors and he kicked off the look and feel with a flier which I took some design inspiration from.  Also, Jacob started a theme on a WordPress site so I had a good idea what plugins and assets we’d be using.

Here are the versions, we’ll see what the client picks!