Day 1: Stay at Home Mom Fun-Time Adventure

B woke around 7 am, or was it 8? He asked for Daddy. “Daddy’s at work” he repeated back to me. Eventually N graced us with a sly smile. We hung around, made eggs, changed diapers, got dressed, then, fun with wet wipes! Amazingly, the kids got into it. I was disgusted by the detritus in the fridge drawers and shelves… wait no, it started because they were flinging peach/raspberry smoothie at each other, and on the walls, and ceiling.

Once the cleaning adventure got stale we prepared to go. Hair, teeth, shoes… hey ho, lets go (my morning call). Once out, we headed for TJ’s, list and bags in hand. On the way I spotted East Lawn playground swarming with kids and moms, so I offered a detour. The kids accepted. Being that it was nearing lunch/nap hour, moms were dropping like flies, but we managed 45 min or so of fun. No new mom friends, but I wasn’t being super social. Then off to the market.

Having a list should make that an easy task, but with N filling a little cart, running to gather goodies (embracing her independence), I saw her in sporadic bursts. She was off looking for duqqa (they dont sell it anymore, it was delish). B was consoled for a while with food, but very soon decided that he wanted as much freedom as N. Not good. Numerous Piccolo Pete style ear piercing screams, and a few unneeded patron comments, and we were on our way through the checkout.

Were mine the only kids eating newly purchased crackers while sitting on the cases of water? At least they were quiet and still. We make a quick ride home and I kept B locked up in his newly forward facing car seat while N climbed the tree and I unloaded groceries.

My new tricks with B got him down in about 20 min and thankfully N was busy in her room. Finally days repeating to her:  “Please help Mommy get B to sleep – go in your room for quiet time” sunk in. Once B was down, N asked for movies and I begrudgingly allowed it. Shes hooked on the magic school bus, so it could be worse. She actually lectures us on the things that she learns! Meanwhile I did some computer work: banking, retainer maintenance and training, recipe research.

Amazingly B was still sleeping after 2 hours so I migrated to the kitchen and cleaned out the laundry room shelves, took out the recycling, did dishes… B awoke, we went outside. I cursed the maggots in our compost bucket and turned it. It was crazy hot out, the kids refuse to wear shoes, B says “hot, hot, owee” so we came back in and hung out till daddy came home. I fed the kids and then fed us. I removed my old work account from my phone (oddly they havent disconnected it), cried a little inside.

Daddy did baths, then we gave them ice cream which they just ran off in living room laps. Now its time to settle in for the night.

Day one.  Not too bad.

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