@ Wits End: A Mental Health Resource

Reviewed and rated crowdsourced database helping connect caregivers to mental health providers.

At Wits End is a great resource for parents, professionals, and caregivers. It is amazingly hard to find proper care for children with mental illness, this crowdsourced database will allow people to share and rate treatment providers.

How I Helped

I reviewed the materials Tricia had compiled on what the website should do and wrote a website design and development scope of work and request for proposals. We refined the vendor requirements, programming tasks, proposal response format, due date, contact methods and timeline. I also helped her set up a fresh install of WordPress on her hosting server to get her blog and marketing site up and running. We such fun working together that I continued to help her build out her blog while she secures funding for the big programming push.

Tricia said some very nice things about me: