Online Training for Social Workers

Online training modules including forums, membership levels, audio storytelling, and offline activities to further understanding.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Contra Costa County Employee and Human Services Department’s Zero Tolerance for Domestic Violence Initiative (phew, that’s a mouthful) on two websites!  One is for their main site which describes what they do, who they partner with, and what their goals and mission entails.  The other site is more for practicioners to offer resources and education:  The sites utilize the same free responsive theme Yoko, but each were tweaked to suit their own look and feel.  I didn’t do too many fancy tricks…

  • there is an RSS feed displaying links,
  • a contact form, and
  • a Google calendar plugin.
  • We added plugins for an accordion tool and
  • buttons allowing the client to create tables as needed.
  • We also are displaying a facebook feed on one site.

We recently were chosen to conduct an e-Learning modules project for the Families Thrive site.  this is a very exciting project where we get to extend WordPress for online education.  The site will include voice over lived experience stories over a slideshow, downloadable worksheets, and a forum for discussion.  The materials will be styled to offer a linear path for each module as well as an option for learners to bounce around to review topics of interest.  There will be some tracking of users and feedback gathered on their experiences.  We will also be incorporating existing PowerPoints and presentations.