Recommended Themes and Plugins for Newbies

I’m teaching WordPress this semester to a group of emerging web professionals. They have a lot of questions about themes and plugins to start with. Here are some themes and plugins we have identified as “good” to try.




  • Add a Newsletter Signup via the blog subscription widget in Jetpack or copy and paste your HTML signup form from MailChimp into a Text widget or page.
  • Generate a Style Tile from an existing site with What is a Style Tile you ask?
  • When selecting themes and plugins, check, if they use it you know its been peer reviewed by a developer for stability and security. Then check number of users and 4-5 star reviews – there is strength in numbers. Lastly, check how often the developer updates the plugin – you want the code to be compatible with other tools on your site.

What other themes, plugins and tips do you have to offer newbies?

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