PNW Road Trip 2013: Bend, OR

Friday, July 12th

Ah Bend!

We arrived around 11 am and the house was not ready early so we had to kill a few hours around town.  We swung by Old Mill District to trade out a broken camp chair at REI and to check out the scene there.  Its a very nice looking mall, but its still a mall.  We meandered over to Pioneer Park and did a bit of a river walk past a weir on the Deschutes, saw a boy fishing, felt the icy water, and enjoyed the scenery.  Then we had a picnic at one of the tables- not ideally placed on a strip between the road and the parking lot without a view of the river, but the kids could run and play and they were contained and away from any drowning danger.

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PNW Road Trip 2013: Day 2

klamath basin labelWe made a quick exit from California and headed for Klamath Falls.  Although it was described as a “butt scab” we found the downtown very quaint and interesting with nice old buildings, a view of the lake, and some open businesses.  The place seems like its in recovery after the recession.  We were looking for a Mexican food joint I found on yelp, but it no longer existed at the address I had.  Justin saved the day and found a brewery a few blocks away: Klamath Basin Brewing Company in the Creamery building. Continue reading

PNW Road Trip: Day 1

Day 1.  Wednesday, July 10th 2013

We managed to escape town at 11 am with the car not as packed as on our last trip; there’s room to breathe.  First potty break was at our fav old haunt, Granzellas in Williams –  they have clean bathrooms and an amazing taxidermy collection including 3 polar bears.  Novella spent $3 of the $4 she got from Gma and Gpa on a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser which she truly and deeply adores.  We made it as far as Red Bluff when B demanded another break, but we were ready for a snack  break.  I found a State Park with good reviews not too far up the highway.

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