When Responding to an RFP – Don’t Do This

I often help companies define their business needs for their website and develop a scope of work or RFP to present to potential vendors. I usually stick around through the procurement process to ensure that it runs smoothly. After years of reading RFP’s and writing proposals it’s really interesting to be on the receiving end. If I could whisper to my younger self (and the other proposal writers out there) I’d share these mistakes to avoid. Continue reading

Nominate @Wits End for the Community Builder Award

A few months ago I had some free time on my hands and a need for some intellectual stimulation. It was a perfect opportunity to do some pro bono work. I discovered the website Catch a Fire, signed up and applied for a project. After a quick phone interview I was “hired” to create a scope of work for a website design for my new friend Tricia Slavik. Tricia is starting an online database to help connect parents and caregivers of children with mental illness to the RIGHT providers. This is a surprisingly difficult task for something so crucial and heart wrenching as the well being of our beloved children. Continue reading