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A few months ago I had some free time on my hands and a need for some intellectual stimulation. It was a perfect opportunity to do some pro bono work. I discovered the website Catch a Fire, signed up and applied for a project. After a quick phone interview I was “hired” to create a scope of work for a website design for my new friend Tricia Slavik. Tricia is starting an online database to help connect parents and caregivers of children with mental illness to the RIGHT providers. This is a surprisingly difficult task for something so crucial and heart wrenching as the well being of our beloved children.

She has worked hard to get all her ducks in a row. She has a marketing plan, a social media plan, a scope of work for the website, a logo, branding, a blog and social media accounts… The next step is to build out the database and forum and get the product online.

We need your help to get the project recognized and funded.

Please tak a moment to go and nominate @Wits End for the Change Maker, Community Builder Award. Here is all the info you need to fill out the form:

  • Org Name: @Wits End
  • URL:
  • Contact Person: Tricia Slavik
  • Contact email:
  • Contact Phone: [leave blank]
  • Why? (Here is what I wrote):
    Tricia has worked tirelessly to express and promote her vision. She gathered a team of talented professionals who cared enough about her project to donate their time to make it a reality. Her ambition to help connect parents and caregivers of children suffering from mental illness to the RIGHT provider is a huge job. But the rewards will mean richer, more fulfilling lives for those children and caregivers and our whole society. We will all benefit from the unique ideas of the parents,  children, and providers served by this venture.
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3 thoughts on “Nominate @Wits End for the Community Builder Award

  1. Tricia says:

    Heather! You say the nicest things. And thank you for the work you did making @Wit’s a “live” site. This shout out made my day.

    Now to get @Wit’s End to it alpha stage!

  2. Terry Sicotte says:

    Tricia has worked tirelessly to give her children every advantage possible. She has made a difference not only with her life but also the lifes of other parents with mentally ill children. I nominate Tricia Slavik for the Community Builder Award of Wit’s End.

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