Learning to Screenprint

I finally learned to screenprint. I took a very informative class on how to screenprint at the Verge Center for the Arts. It was a 2 day event, all the materials were supplied.

Day 1

We stretched our own screens over provided frames. The screen material is actually polyester mesh. We used rubber cord in a gutter on the frame  (like on a screen door) and stretched and pulled the material to fit taught over the frame.


Once our screens were stretched, we taped over the gutter so that the emulsion liquid wouldn’t pool in the gutter. Then we pulled a squeegie of the light sensitive “paint” over the screen to get it ready to expose and image. Once an even layer was applied we put them in complete darkness to dry.


While we waited, we practiced pulling ink through a screen that was already made. 20140927_150953

Day 2

We brought in our art and burned it onto the screen. The art needs to be full black (to block the light from hitting the prepared screen) printed on transparent material (transparent meaning lets light through not necessarily that you can see through). This can take many forms: stencils, photocopies on paper soaked in vegetable oil, paint pen on a transparent sheet , or photocopies on transparency sheets.

I brought in a few options and a lot of materials to print on.20140928_123402 (1)

Rinsing out the screens to prep for prints.

I tried a few different colors and materials.


Some of the other student’s work.20140928_150828


Wanna try it yourself? Its not that hard. Here are some tools to get you started.

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