To See in Sacramento

Curtis Park 

In a neighborhood south of Broadway filled with old stately and cozy homes built around 1910-1940, walkable, with good biking.  See also Pangaea, Coffee Garden, Gunthers, and the HIdeaway for good eats and drinks.

The River

This is River City.  Sacramento is flanked by the American and Sacramento Rivers.  The American is a bit more scenic and better for dog running, kayaking and SUPping where the Sac is populated by fishermen and speedboats.  The two merge near downtown at Discovery Park.  We often frequent the American at either Paradise Beach or River Park.

American river. Rafting

Jon at the American River

Novella at the Sacramento River

Wine Tasting: Amador or Clarksburg

You can drive in any direction and hit wineries (or Breweries).  The closest and perhaps most affordable regions include Amador (up Jackson highway) and Clarksburg (down in the delta).  There are also some nice spots up in El Dorado.

Clarksburg, Bogle Winery

Sonoma / Carneros

Ah the vines

Bogle, Clarksbug, CA



Farmers Market: 8th & W Under the Freeway

From May through October there are numerous farmers markets about town, but this is the big one that goes year round.  Each time I visit there are more vendors and selections: they sell fish, lamb, oysters, rice, figs, nuts, olive oil, cheese, and more…

Track 7 Brewery

We have a growing beer scene with a number of new (soon to open) spots.  But Track 7 has been open and rocking it for a while now, rivaling the Rubicon, our old standby.  Its a warehouse, good for kids, but subject to temperature highs and lows.  They do awesome beers but check the hours so you aren’t left empty handed. If you have time for a bit longer drive, check out Berryessa Brewing in Winters- amazingly good beer and a relaxing location.

Land Park &  Amusements: Zoo or Fairytale Town or Funderland

This is a wonderful park not only for its amazing trees, tracks, fields, ponds and playgrounds but for the amusements in holds.  Even the surrounding houses are fun to admire and a quick lunch at Sprouts or La Bou saves you from some fried fodder from the amusement parks.

Tower Cafe French Toast or The Pour House Bloody Marys

There are so many great places to dine in this town!  These are just a couple standouts, but I should also mention:

  • Dad’s burger at Dads Kitchen or the rad new bar
  • $2.50 pints on Sunday at Fred’s Extreme Pizza
  • The patio, parties and great folks at East Sac Shack
  • White Anchovies tapas at Aioli
  • Anything at Mulvaneys B&L
  • Sushi boats at Akebono or Sushi Cafe
  • Breakfast burritos at Oscars or Los Jarritos
  • People watching on the Kay or at the Mars building
  • Tuli for oysters or wood fire pizza
  • Hot Italian for flat fast cooked pizza and Italian modern decor, plus gelatto.
  • More to come…






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