WordCamp San Francisco 2014

It was another great time, though considerably different than last year for me. Last July, I attended with my pal Jacob – he was the only attendee I knew beforehand. He had just left PMC to freelance and I was thinking of trying something a little more rigorous. This year, thanks to my time at 10up, I ran into familiar faces and friends on the hour! I still learned a good amount but nothing too mind shattering. I made it to the afterparty and enjoyed some find food, conversation, music and drink.

I enjoyed Lyza Danger Gardner’s talk on typography and as always, was moved by Chris Lema‘s talk on blogging.¬†We were again serenaded at lunch, the swag was rad, and the rooms were full. I was again impressed by Matt’s State of the Word, happy to hear about globalization, democracy in publishing and standardization efforts.

But, this year felt different. Once I figure out exactly why, Ill explain. In short, I’m different. I had my dream job and realized it wasnt a dream, so Im conjuring up a new dream. Its going well, but I can’t elucidate here. So here are some pictures.

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