Packing Tape Transfers and Decals

I like to make things. Specifically, I enjoy the assembling found materials and original art into something new. To keep pieces from looking like trash glued together, I take care to layer hand crafted elements and keep a running theme for each series. My current theme is related to women, work, family, and balance. Pretty much the issues which exhaust me daily (I write this while my 2 year old is screaming about being taken to the park in a stroller by daddy). Continue reading

Learning to Screenprint

I finally learned to screenprint. I took a very informative class on how to screenprint at the Verge Center for the Arts. It was a 2 day event, all the materials were supplied.

Day 1

We stretched our own screens over provided frames. The screen material is actually polyester mesh. We used rubber cord in a gutter on the frame  (like on a screen door) and stretched and pulled the material to fit taught over the frame.


Continue reading

Why My Grandpa is One of My Favorite People

My grandfather, Charles Daniels Jr. has been threatening to die for many years now.  It started when I was in my twenties.  I remember saying just live long enough to meet my husband… then come to my wedding, meet my first child, my second child (whom is born on the same day as Gpa, 89 years later)…  He keeps holding on, and I’m blessed every day he is with us.  He recently endured another surgery meant to improve ongoing pain.  Some days are good, some are not. Continue reading

Happy Holidays Everyone!



Its been a big year!  Novella started Early Kindergarten and is learning to write and read, Banyan learned to walk and run and climb, talk, scream, and get into everything.  I started a new job with 10up and taught my last semester at Sac City. Justin helped make it all possible while hitting the bike trail as often as possible and keeping our wine collection and his sommelier/chef skills up to par.  We celebrated our 11th anniversary, took an amazing road trip to Bend and then the Northwest String Summit, enjoyed lots of weekend trips with stops at local breweries, and ran those kiddos at all the playgrounds along the way!

I hope all is well with you and yours.  Best wished for 2014!



How to Configure AutoChimp to Send Posts as Email


UPDATE: Jetpack plugin now includes this capability so I no longer use this plugin (although I still love Mailchimp).

I originally could not get this to work, so I posted to the WordPress forum seeking help… then I figured it out.  Since then others have had the same issue.  So I wrote a “how to”.  You should have already created a list and placed the sign up form somewhere. Continue reading

Basement Remodel

I have/had a passion for home improvement.  I’ve burned out a bit lately what with the epic and expensive basement remodel we’ve finally “completed” (ok, there’s still some trim work left to finish and paint).  When we looked at this house we were immediately smitten with the full size somewhat finished basement and started to conjure up visions of what it could be.  Indeed it was a storage area, wine cellar, music venue, extra bedroom, and party room.   Continue reading

MailChimp Redesign

Look at this beautiful-ness!  I do miss the giant monkey a little but wow.  So much white space, big type, full screen, minimalist design and content!!!  Beautifully responsive- check out the features page where the images go off-screen (similar to WordPress theme twenty thirteen).  Lovely.

MailChimp Screenshot